Memories of a Semiotext(e) reader

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While the entire field of relatively autonomous publishing of radical theory in the 70s and 80s is too vast to be covered here, it is worth briefly examining some of the key initiatives in this area as media ecologies, namely Semiotext(e) and Autonomedia, Re/Search, Vague and Rapid Eye, all of which, in markedly different ways, promulgated radical thought and practices beyond any strictly academic or commercial context. Interestingly, one formal characteristic that many of these publications share is a privileging of open conversations, rather than simply finished texts, however diverse the kinds of knowledge they were dealing with were. As such they can be seen as further instances of both minor, anomalous knowledges and media ecologies of radical theory.

The most academic and least zine-like of these publications is undoubtedly Semiotext(e) which, in its current form is distributed by MIT Press. However, its beginnings were very different to…

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